Charny Mondays

Weekly speedquiz and games

Light-hearted feel-good vibe

Free to play, funded by tips

Monday nights at 8

How to Play

Join the Charny Mondays group

Watch on your laptop/tablet

Answer on your phone

Celebrate on screen!


What is it?

A blend of pub quiz and gameshow, featuring SpeedQuizzing, creative challenges and party games.

Where is it?


Play from the comfort of your own home. Just get yourself something nice to drink and settle in for a fun night of entertainment.

How does it work?

Tap answers on your phone. No pens, no paper, no cheating.

The faster you answer, the more points you get.

Celebrate on screen and banter in the chat.

How do I play?

Watch on your laptop, PC or tablet (Zoom or Chrome).

Answer on your phone (SpeedQuizzing Live).

When can I play?

Book a demo session for a private do with the enquiry form at the bottom of the page,

Or have a go at our free quiz and games night, Charny Mondays.

Private Events

What You Get

Entertainment for families and teams unlike anything else out there.

General knowledge with personalised questions for the occasion.

Taskmaster, Crackerjack challenges, customised bonus music, and virtual party games.

What It Costs

£60 for 1 hour

£90 for 2 hours

£120 for 3 hours

Try Before You Buy

Book a free demo session with the form at the bottom of this page, or join in on a Monday night public session here.